What resources do we use in our personal care?

Kişisel bakımımızı yaparken nelere dikkat etmeliyiz?

What resources do we use in our personal care?

We can use mouth and dental water for oral health.

We use water while bathing, washing our hands, brushing our teeth.

We use electricity for lighting in the bathroom, sink.

A good toothbrush and toothpaste are necessary for dental care.

We use cleaning materials such as toothpaste and soap.

We can benefit from special care creams for hand and foot care.

By using natural products such as fragrant shower gels and laurel soap, we both increase your bath pleasure and make our bodies smell better.

We use tools and equipment such as towels, toothbrushes, nail scissors.

We use resources such as electricity and water while performing our personal cleaning and care.

We use hair styling products such as gel and mousse to shape our hair.

We can do body care with special body lotions.

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