What is self care?

Kişisel bakım nedir?

What is self care?

Personal care; It is the whole of personal hygiene rules that play an important role in the relationships we establish with our environment and our relatives, and at the same time enable us to continue our lives in a healthy way.

We need to take personal care to be healthy. Like taking a bath, brushing our hair, cutting our nails, brushing our teeth.

We get help from our elders in some of our personal care.

What should we do for personal care?

Cleaning is the foundation of health. A well-groomed person takes care of their cleanliness. Cleanliness is that our bodies and clothes are clean. For this reason, we must take care of our personal care. We cannot do some of our personal care ourselves. That’s why we sometimes get help from our elders.

For our personal care, we should wash our hands and face when we wake up in the morning.

We should brush our teeth at least twice a day. Everyone should have their own toothbrush. We have to change our toothbrush frequently.

When we come from school and get out of the toilet, we should wash our hands with soap and water.

We must comb our hair.

We have to cut when our nails grow.

For our personal care:

We have to take a bath to cleanse our body. Thus, our body is free from sweat and dirt.

We have to make sure that our clothes are clean and ironed.

Kişisel bakım nedir?

What are the types of personal care?

1- Hand and Foot care
2- body care
3- Hair care
4- Oral and Dental care
5- Clothing care
6- Genital area care

What is Hand and Foot Care?
Hand and foot care has an important place in personal care. You should always cut fingernails and toenails. Ladies should take care of nail care. Our hands are our most used organs during the day. It comes into contact with hundreds of different places every day, so we should always wash our hands. If there is no place where we can wash our hands, hands should be cleaned using antibacterial wet wipes.

When we come home, when getting out of the toilet, and before eating, we must wash our hands. We must also make young children gain the habit of hand washing. You can use special care creams for hand care. In foot care, you should always cut your toenails. You can use special care creams for foot care. Various diseases can occur in our feet, which remain airless in shoes all day long. Even if not every day, we must wash our feet properly every 2-3 days.

What is Body Care?
When it comes to body care, the care of our entire body comes to mind, the most important thing to do for body care is to take a bath. We should take care of our body cleansing by bathing frequently (at least three times a week). By bathing, we cleanse our body of dirt. We can do body care with special body lotions. By using natural products such as fragrant shower gels and laurel soap, you will increase your bath pleasure and make your body smell better. Men and women should also pay attention to armpit cleaning.

What is Hair Care?
Hair styling products such as jelly and mousse that we use to shape our hair wear out your hair. At the same time, factors such as dust and sunlight that you are exposed to during the day wear your hair and cause your hair to smell bad. Washing our hair regularly every day and using hair care products will positively affect our hair and make our hair look beautiful.

What is Oral and Dental Care?
When it comes to oral and dental care, the first thing that comes to our mind is of course brushing our teeth. We should brush our teeth regularly every day. If possible, brush after meals and after eating any sweet food. You inevitably communicate with many people every day, and the bad smell of your mouth both removes the person from you and disrupts your communication with the environment. A good toothbrush and toothpaste are necessary for dental care. It is recommended to use dental floss against residues that may remain between teeth. For oral health, you can use mouth and tooth water. Oral and dental care prevents you from losing your teeth and helps you smile. Thus, you will affect the people around you.

What is Clothing Care?
Clothing care is a must for first impressions and personal care. The cleanness of your clothes gives you a clean smell, a nice and clean look, and a good impression on your environment. We should wash our clothes regularly or take them to dry cleaning.

What is Genital Area Care?
Genital area care is also an important personal care criterion. It is very important for health to keep your genital area clean at all times. After the toilet, you should definitely use toilet paper and pay attention to the cleaning of the genital area. Frequent underwear change is also necessary to prevent diseases.

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